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CEQUIP is a non profit foundation made up of capital goods producers.
  • Established as a foundation on the 28th of July 2006, we are made up of an innovative group of companies.
  • As a group we are open to the whole sector, members can be from those companies that produce capital goods.
  • Both The Universitat Politecnica of Catalunya (UPC) and The Unio Patronal Metalurgica (UPM) form a part of CEQUIP. Furthermore the foundation is open to the integration of other entities in the future.

Our mission:
  • To make innovation the main competitive advantage of companies that make up the capital goods sector.
  • To apply this innovation to the whole value chain: sales, process design, equipment design, manufacturing, distribution, start ups and after sales service.
  • To promote the sector as a key element of the Catalan industry.
Our objectives:
  • To become a meeting point between companies and the knowledge of the sector.
  • Continually monitoring changes in technologies with the aim of finding improvements and opportunities.
  • To promote common interest R&D projects.
  • Consultancy and support in the management of innovation projects.
  • Training and support of innovation.

Year 2010 Aggregated data

Turnover: 514.21 M€
Number of employees: 2,531
No. of employees with college: 28.4%
Average exports (% turnover): 71%
R&D investment (% turnover): 5.8%

Note: Counting the international groups that have formed some of the companies, turnover and number of employees almost doubled.

The actual number of R&D is much higher than official data (exclusive costs)

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