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Who are we? About CEQUIP

Capital goods manufacturers who form a transverse sector, being characterised by our own technologies and who are able to obtain significant benefits through the coordination of our activities.

The Capital Goods manufacturers main technologies are:

  • Highly complex products.
  • Strong influence of design costs over global costs.
  • To give importance to modular design and configurability.
  • Small series production.
  • Integration of a diverse number of technologies, among others mechatronics.
  • Special attention to safety, ergonomics, environmental impacts and energy consumption.
  • Determining role in the availability of products and after sales service.
  • Highly qualified personnel.

We can influence the productive sectors of our clients obtaining the following benefits: synergy in the innovation of processes, increasing the productivity of processes, improving the adaptability of production systems, decreasing environmental impacts and energy consumption.

The Catalan capital goods manufacturers are characterised by:

  • The level of implantation, a significant implantation as well as very diverse.
  • Large exporting capacity.
  • The fact of being well established companies and highly qualified teams.
  • A notable capacity of outsourcing

We are value added companies, mainly funded with Catalan capital bases with a long history and some of them have become multinationals and/or leaders in their respective sectors.

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